Protected by the cost of the debtor.

Do you know the situation when the bailiffs have written off all the money from the bank account, is there the most leaving you without a single opportunity to exist? Now this situation is monitored by the law signed by the President of our country.

Vladimir Putin defended the financial debtors. The relevant document is posted on the legal portal and will come into force on February 22, 2022.

In order to secure your money, a citizen who owed before the state should be applied to the federal bailiff body. Next, write a corresponding application and attach the account details for it, from which the recovery of the minimum subsistence minimum is not permissible.

After this, the bailiffs will not be able to write off the sum of the subsistence minimum fixed in your region. As well as retain funds from wages from this account.

Legal document does not apply to other requirements for mandatory payments to the state treasury. That is, deductions to the budget and extrabudgetary funds will be allowed

Thus, debt on the services of housing and communal services will be charged, that is, the state in this case does not protect your funds. The same principle also applies to aliminal obligations. If you do not pay for the child’s alimony, the bailiffs have the right to write off funds as a debt payment.

If you previously had a completely crime, which caused damage, as well as harm to health or in connection with the death of the breadwinner, the law will not protect your minimum cost of living. In addition, it applies to compensation for moral damage.

The debtor, in respect of whom the criminal measures are elected, will also not be able to apply for the preservation of funds if administrative and judicial fines are appointed.

First of all, the state wants to protect the vulnerable category of the population, namely the disabled and retirees. But it is noted that the law will apply to self-employed citizens, as well as individual entrepreneurs.

According to data on January 1 of the current year, the total amount of the debt of the union debtors to the state amounted to 1,700,000,000,000 (1.7 trillion) rubles. And the number of such debtors exceeded 3,800,000 people.

Many experts believe that in the case when the debtor remains only the cost of living, then it is worth thinking on a bankruptcy procedure. This will make rid of debts of legitimate images, and not fight with bailiffs for a penny. Recall that today the amount of the subsistence minimum, for example, is 18,029 rubles.