Providing reduction for loan design.

Common practice among banks was the issuance of a loan on two documents. Employees are asked to provide a passport, as well as a different document, such as SNILS.

But it may require SNILS when checking the borrower data and in any other case, making up various credit products. This is a completely legal requirement, which is enshrined in the Federal Law No. 218 of December 30, 2004.

The insurance number of the individual personal account is exactly as the complex abbreviation is decrypted. This number appears in a person after birth, when his parents begin to draw up documents, and continues to exist until the end of life.

For convenient storage, laminated green cards were invented, but in the last year their release was stopped. If the document is lost, the insurance number does not change. You can simply contact the FIU at the place of residence and ask you to print data on paper.

By requesting a credit history bureau, the lender uses SNILS to identify the borrower, so it is asked for financial and credit institutions when issuing a loan.

In connection with the frequent fraudulent actions when issuing a loan for someone else’s passport, a change was made to current legislation.

The essence of the change was that banks are now obliged to request information from the Bureau of credit stories, only if there is an insurance number of an individual facial account. Since the data of the passport, when it is lost, we change, and there is no reduction, the identification of the personality cannot allow errors.

This right of the bank arises after signing the client agreement on the processing of personal data.

One of the main experiences of the borrower at a request to provide a reduction is that banks can take possession of personal pension savings. Previously, fraudsters could only send a statement about the transfer of savings, thus depriving the citizens of their cash.

Or unscrupulous employees applied an application for the transfer of pension savings to other funds. But a couple of years ago, such an opportunity for third-party people no longer exist, because now you can change the pension fund only by means of a personal visit to the FIU, so it is not worth worrying about fraudulent actions.

The provision of SNILS is a standard procedure that allows the bank to quickly and accurately find information about your credit history and learn your income on deductions, since the insurance number accompanies a person throughout life and remains unchanged. This allows the creditor to not confuse the borrower’s data if he rebuffed the passport or other documents.