«Pushkin Card»: What is it and how to issue?

The work of the government is not worth the mete, so recently young people have the opportunity to hold leisure budget for funds. About 4 billion rubles were invested in the new program.

Today in our article we will talk about the «magical» card, allowing you to visit museums and exhibitions for free, and those who can count on it.

Pushkinskaya map is a banking product that young people can use to pay for tickets to cultural events, which include exhibitions in museums, concerts, performances in theaters, philharmonic.

The users of the cards themselves do not spend a penny from their wallet, since the state is paid for all visited events. Each year the amount of funds are transferred to the map, which tickets are paid.

The creation of such a banking product was proposed by the President of the Russian Federation, thus the state will pay part of the costs of acquiring tickets to cultural events, and will contribute to the development of people’s interest in creativity.

Card design does not require some impossible conditions from citizens. So young people should be:

There are no other conditions for young people.

The limit of cash media is the same for all, so children from low-income families will have the same balance as children from prosperous families.

Young people can arrange a map both in plastic form and virtual, which is very convenient. The virtual option ensures that the card will be with you, and the likelihood, to forget her at home will decrease.

Further, the application offers to take a picture of yourself, and this photo will be posted in the Personal Account. The state assures that besides the application, the photo will not be used anywhere.

Immediately after the release of the card in the application, it can be started to use, and the plastic is no longer necessary.

By the end of this year, 3,000 rubles will be on the map of young people. You can spend money only on those cultural events that are listed on the site Culture. RF.

Next year, the limit will be already 5,000 rubles, and the funds for 2021 will burn.

One of the main advantages of such a card is the possibility of its use in all regions of the country, so it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of tickets for events at home. Maybe a young man will go with his family or a class on a tour to another city, where you can pay any event from the list of program partners.


In conclusion, we want to add that despite the fact that the «Pushkin» card is a banking product, to replenish its score or make money can not.

In addition, users have the opportunity to pay for tickets for events that are only planned next year, which allows you to purchase tickets in advance and calculate spending. «Pushkinskaya» card does not allow paying tickets partly, so if you do not have enough money for payment, it is worth searching for a more budgetary event, or pay the ticket to personal funds