Rights credits can start issuing from the beginning of next year

We have repeatedly wrote about a loan on just one document, namely the passport. And how do you like the idea of registration of a loan on a driver’s license?

Credit and financial organizations requested access to the information bases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to obtain data on driver’s licenses for the loan.

Today, the conclusion of a loan agreement without a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation is impossible. You can have a small income, a bad credit history, not stable work, but to provide a passport of a bank employee for personal identification, as well as the design of credit obligations is necessary.

Conditions on the loan with new requirements may differ significantly from the former. So when making a loan without a passport, but the interest rate and credit period, as well as the cost of the loan, can change with driving rights.

The authentication of the document is implemented by contacting the information systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in which the database of driver’s licenses is stored.

Such innovations will require updates for existing software and programs that are used by credit and financial organizations, and this should happen free of charge, otherwise the borrowers are waiting for additional spending on the service commissions.

Not all banks approvingly appreciated the new bill. Many of them believe that the driver’s license is easier to fake than the passport, which will open up new opportunities for fraudsters.

In addition, driver’s license can not provide access to many systems that are necessary for analyzing the solvency of the borrower. So banks will not be able to send a request to the Bureau of credit stories, or in the FIU, as well as learn about the availability of real estate in the State Register.

Simplified Identification for Rights implies not only the issuance of loans, but also the commission of various banking operations. Obviously, only those who have a driver’s license can take advantage of the new feature. In other cases, you will have to act according to the old rules and provide a passport bank, as well as the INN or SNILS on demand.

On the other hand, for the owners of a driver’s license, the risk of passport loss will be reduced, which is necessary in all spheres of life of citizens, and its recovery requires a rather long cost and time, while the driver’s license is a plastic card that is convenient to store.

Many specialists note that the bill will not only facilitate lenders to identify the personality of the borrower, but also will speed up the process of providing services.