Sberbank in test mode launched the issuance of loans through ATMs

Not so long ago, the Internet exploded from the news. Sberbank launched a new lending program for citizens. The innovation provides that now any citizen can receive credit funds without referring to the bank branch.

This has become available after the financial institution optimized its activities. Now, Sberbank customers can arrange and receive cash loan in the bank’s sensory ATMs.

This loan is not accompanied by the provision, that is, a potential borrower, there is no need to provide a deposit or guarantor to issue a loan.

The loan amount is the same as when issuing a loan in the branch. The minimum indicator is 30 thousand rubles, and the maximum — 5 million rubles.

All actions pass through the «Take Credit» option in an ATM. Turning through it, the borrower can send an application for a loan, and sign a contract, and also to receive money. All these actions do not take more than 30 minutes.

No, ATMs do not contain devices for electronic signatures. Everything is much easier. PIN Card Card This is your signature. Suddenly, yes?

Not so long ago, Sberbank leaders said that they were planning to reduce the number of branches in the country for saving. Most likely, the innovation is a start for a large-scale decline.

It was also reported that saved funds from renting premises will be directed to a decrease in interest rates, but only this is not. During the first half of the current year, Sberbank has already closed 130 branches throughout the country, and interest is only growing. For example, at the beginning of the autumn of the current year, the interest rates on the mortgage were increased by 0.4%.

In our opinion, issuing loans through ATMs — risky, as the risks of the appearance of scammers increase in this area.

It is reasonable to use the Tinkoff Bank policy and provide funds after entering into a contract with a bank employee, with a personal presence.

That is, a customer can apply through an ATM, but he will receive the funds after the personal visit of the Bank’s employee who will verify the current information.

The essential advantage of this project is its accessibility, with him citizens, even the most difficult and remote settlements and PGT, will be able to get a loan if necessary. But for each plus, there is its minus, the publicly available is automatically reduced for persons, retirement age, as more of them do not know how to use these systems.