Scandals because of money in the family, how to avoid and what to do?

Cash is often the cause of disagreements in the family, they lead to the divorce of marital couples, or a roadside of close relatives.

Therefore, we picked up useful tips for you to help avoid quarrels and scandals for financial topics.

We allocated the main reasons for disagreements in the family, which lead to the formation of cracks in relations between loved ones:

And now we turn to the advice who, in our opinion, will help family members to preserve confidence and love in relationships:

Often, expectations and reality after marriage do not match, especially this concerns a monetary question, so it is necessary to immediately discuss with your partner who will work. Maybe you both will contribute equal investments in the development of the family, or someone alone, for example, will deal with personal development — will go to the institute, will go to courses, and the second will provide not only life, but also the needs of the beloved.

There are three basic model of the budget in the family: separate, joint and mixed. Separate model allows all family members to provide themselves and their needs independently, the joint model involves the storage of all earned money on one account, from which the purchase and payment of services are carried out. Mixed is something average, which allows you to postpone the money and in the «Common Boiler», as well as leave them part of yourself.

Remember the reason for the disclaim, which is that one family member does not like an irrational waste of money by another family member. So, just a statement of common goals eliminates this problem.

It is necessary to analyze how much the desire of one of the family members is suitable for the current situation, and most importantly find a compromise.

If you can’t come to a compromise, then distribute spending between family members. For example, you can assume to buy products, goods that are required to keep housing in order, small household appliances, clothing for children, while the second of your pair will pay utility bills, accounts for mugs, sections, education and other .

And when all the necessary goods and services are paid, then think how many of your personal funds are ready to put in a «common piggy bank», then everything will be fair.

In conclusion, we want to add that if your family disagreements are inevitable, then the best way out of the situation will be the mainstream budget. At the same time, it is not necessary to discuss your funds that were spent, because for another family member it may seem to be a waste of money, from which a new scandal will flash.