Social guarantees for pensioners in 2021.

The state is trying to provide social guarantees all categories of citizens. So, followed by families with children, the government is developing bills that would help our retirees more comfortable to experience old age.

Some benefits give pensioners the opportunity to not pay the receipts on certain types of housing and communal services, others imply compensation and discounts. In our article, we learn about the actual measures of state aid pensioners.

The Tax Code of the Russian Federation allows pensioners living on the territory of the country not to pay tax on one of the objects of real estate. So the pensioner can personally choose what property will not be taxed.

In order to make a benefit of pensioners and pre-pre-women — women aged 55 and men from 60 years old, you need to contact the tax service at the place of residence, where to specify the object of real estate, on which the tax will not be distributed. If you do not do it yourself, then the tax service itself will choose real estate at its discretion.

As with real estate, the state frees pensioners from the payment of tax on the land plot. The main requirement of this state support measure is the presence of a land plot of no more than 600 square meters. Otherwise, the tax will be accrued.

In order to implement this feature, you need to contact the tax service, or expect until it will issue this benefit.

On August 24, 2021, the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree on additional payments to retirees. The amount of payment will be 10,000 rubles. Money will go to the account of pensioners in September.

In order to get paid, nothing needs to be done. The Pension Fund will automatically list funds for pensioners accounts. They will receive additional money and those pensioners who are currently working.

The state is trying not to leave pensioners without attention, and constantly works in the direction of assistance to them. For additional benefits, military pensioners and pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, working retirees, as well as single citizens of the retirement age can be calculated. The conditions and sizes of benefits depend on the regions and their budgets.