Stories of the success of billionaires starting from scratch

Not always money play a key role in the matter of success. We are accustomed to the fact that any business requires a huge investment, without which it is impossible to achieve the goals. And what if we say that a person with billions of dollars earned them with his zealous labor, ingenious ideas, and to get rich in a huge desire, starting his work with almost scratch.

Future billionaire Howard Schulz was born and grew up in a poor family. Financial difficulties made him go to work early, and for 12 years, Howard was selling newspapers on the streets of his city. Further, he settled in a local cafe for working for the counter. But the most difficult work, according to Schulz, there was an experience in a fur shop, where the young man had to stretch animal skins. Then he began to think about the opening of his business, such that could feed the whole family.

In 1975, after graduating from the University, Howard Schulz got a job in a company that sold household equipment, where he found an interesting thing. His attention attracted the small company Starbucks, which purchased a large number of hand coffee makers. Curiosity so covered a young man that he immediately flew to Seattle.

For the first time, trying the starbucks coffee, Howard firmly decided that this is the most delicious coffee. He began to appear to work, offering many different ideas on business expansion. For about a year, employment attempts were not in vain, and Howard was proposed by Marketing Director.

In 1986, Schulz opens his own coffee shop «Il Giornale» for the borrowed funds who lent his friends, as well as the bank. A year later, Howard learns that Starbucks owners decide to sell their business. It did not leave an indifferent young man, because he believed in a greater potential of coffee shops, and taking on credit even more money, bought Starbucks in old owners.

Founder of the Facebook’s social network Mark Zuchenberg became the youngest in history billionaire, which received this status only at 23 years. According to Forbes, Mark is located on the 3rd place among the richest people in the world. His condition is estimated at almost $ 2 billion.

Enrolled in Harvard, Mark puzzled by creating a system for his university. Initially, the name of the project sounded like «TheFacebook», and was available only for Harvard students.

Next, access to the network has expanded for Boston students. And since 2006, the site was available for all Internet users and acquired the name «Facebook».

It is difficult to believe that a dollar billionaire with a state of 3.9 billion leads a modest lifestyle and does not even fly business class.

Ingvar Camprad received his first money from selling matches to his neighbors purchased in bulk cheaper. Other products, such as seeds, New Year’s decorations, berries, went beyond matches. Ingvar was even able to organize the sale of goods through postal directories.

At the age of 17, he founded his company to add furniture from local masters. The demand for her was so high that in the future the young man decided to focus all the attention on the furniture. And the company was named IKEA, where the first two letters of the Camprad initials.

Thanks to its employees, Ingvar opened the first store in which you could look and touch the furniture. And later, when packing a product, one of the employees randomly discovered the possibility of creating a «team furniture», which was later enormous popularity and delivered the company from unnecessary work.

As you can see, any major project begins with the idea and desire to earn money. Even if you do not have large savings, there will always be a way to realize your plans. The main thing is not to lower your hands and move right to the goal, using all the features that appear on the way.