The most popular credit product among citizens

Financial Specialists annually conduct a comparative analysis among credit products to clarify the most popular.

For me, experts, only 10% of Russians never took loans or issued other credit products. The rest of the percentage of citizens at least once turned to the bank for receiving a loan or credit card loan.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is engaged in collecting bank statistics. According to Central Bank, Russians can be divided into those who take consumer loans and those who make up a mortgage.

Almost every 10 bank client needs a loan in order to close the old one. Consumer loans are more often drawn up for the repair of housing, buying a car, travel, as well as the purchase of large household appliances.

The state programs «First Car» and «Family Car» contributed to the growth of car loans, such images according to statistics each second purchased machine was issued on credit.

The credit history bureau provides data on the fact that the number of Russians who use cash immediately after making a credit card has increased.

Previously, the ratio of Russians to credit cards was larger than to the money «on a black day», but now about 70% of Russians immediately spend all the money upon receipt of such an opportunity. The amounts of limits that are fully spent by citizens vary from 10 to more than 100 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the number of credit card holders has grown, and the total amount of debts on this loan product has increased. Not all citizens have the opportunity to return the money spent in a grace period, which entails the overlay interest, which increase the debt burden.

Most citizens are addressed to microfinance organizations. This is due to the fact that the MFI does not require a lot from the borrower.

Its risks of MFI cover a huge percentage and short lending. This creates not favorable conditions for the borrower, but the simplicity of design attracts more and more customers.

Lights are also very popular with loans secured by real estate or car. People resort to the design of a loan with mortgage property in the event of a low level of income or inability to confirm income in informal employment. This makes it possible to obtain cash without long-term fees of documents.