Top 10 things that do not take on credit?

Some purchases may not only please you, but also to make a debt. We made up top 10 products and services that should not be issued on credit.

Registration of a commodity loan certainly offers a borrower speed of the transaction, as well as the absence of the need to collect a large number of documents.

Purchase of modern fashion gadgets: smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles are gaining popularity among goods purchased credit. Only not yet rare cases that, without having to fulfill credit obligations in full, the gadget breaks or lost by the borrower, and it continues to pay a loan for a product that is not subject to operation or no longer exist.

Whatever expensive jewelry, sell it at the same price will not work, so if you do not exclude the need to implement the decoration in the future, it is not worth overpaying the percentage of the loan.

And if you buy a jewelry as a gift, then make a loan in this case, absolutely not reasonable. We advise you to think over a more budget gift that you can afford.

Many citizens do not have the opportunity to buy a new car, but also for old money may not be enough, so people decide loans to the bank to buy a car.

Used cars require large spending on repair and maintenance, so buying such a transport on credit is stupid, because you can not see the benefits in this purchase.

Calculate the cost of materials that will be required to update the design of the apartment with an accuracy to the ruble will not work. Often, unexpected situations occur during repair, which may affect the final cost of repair.

So, for example, apartment owners can change their mind with the choice of wallpaper, or the color of the ceiling, the workers may be damaged, the fact that the repair was not assumed, and the cash limit will be limited, and it may not be enough.

And if you place a long-term loan, and decide to sell an apartment, then you will have to continue paying the debt to the bank, for what no longer use.

To put into huge loans with overpayment for investing money on stock markets is a very bad idea. If you want to invest in something, it is better to use your accumulations for this.

Many borrowers draw out loans to make money on cryptocurrency, only this is a difficult projected market, which may not bring any profits, but only drive you into debt.

To close debt obligations on one loan, borrowers take another, without suspecting what a dangerous situation is put.

A loan application is checked by a scoring program that calculates a certain score that allows the Bank’s staff to make a decision. The presence of the current loan will undoubtedly affect the final result of the calculation, which may contribute to the proposal with an increased interest rate for you.

As a result, you will receive a loan with the conditions that can only worsen your current financial situation.

Stores offer their customers to draw out loans and installments on clothing and shoes.

Of course, we all want to buy high-quality goods that will serve for a long time, but today it is difficult to predict whether the purchased thing will have a presentable view by the time of payment of the loan.

Such goods like clothing and shoes are losing with resale from 30 to 70% of its initial cost, so overpayment of interest on the loan to the bank will be absolutely not rational cash.

Increasingly, the history of people who suffered after plastic operations or cosmetic procedures began to appear on the Internet. Even numerous good reviews about the specialist cannot protect you from deplorable consequences.

Often after plastic waiting operations and reality do not coincide, which leaves the client with discontent in appearance and credit obligations that were decorated for these purposes.

You can issue a vacation loan, but are 1-2 weeks of rest of several months, and then years of credit obligations? Then you don’t have to know whether your rest will pass, since you are planning, for example, the entire period of vacation can go rains or other unpleasant natural phenomena that will not allow you to get out of the hotel.

Therefore, it is worth choosing a place and a hotel that you can afford or try to accumulate to the trip to not fit on credit.

Debt liabilities are not the most successful way to start a new family life. A young couple may not be ready for a joint loan, which will serve as a reason for quarrels and scandals, when the time comes to pay under the contract. Yes, and presented funds are unlikely to block the debt, so in the absence of money for the wedding we advise you to wait with the celebration, just sign in the registry office.