Translated money, and they did not reach the addressee.

Very often, the bank customers complain to employees to the fact that the perfect translation did not reach the recipient. Or, for example, the funds were «delayed» along the way to the addressee for a long time.

This problem is widespread both in small banks and in large ones. Failures in the system, technical work, as well as other reasons for the delay of money transfer, we will consider in our material.

In the Russian Federation, the deadlines for crediting funds are enshrined by law, or rather the Civil Code. The maximum allowable time is 3 days. Electronic transfers should be processed immediately after their design — immediately. Here we are talking about the working days of the week.

For translations committed from abroad, money enrollment can be increased. So, Sberbank admits the period — up to 7 days.

If you have done a translation, and the money did not reach the recipient for three days, then you should beat the alarm and contact the bank for clarifying the situation. Bank employees can voice you one of the following reasons:

Fear of any person who transfers money to someone else’s account. Its incorrectly specified information in the input field may cause the money to go to an absolutely unfamiliar person.

Of course, money may return in the event that the account will not be detected by details. But an error at least in 1 digit can cost you the entire amount of the translation.

It is almost impossible to return the money in this case. So how to prove that the translation was erroneous very difficult.

If you decide to transfer money through your personal account on the bank’s website, pay attention to the ads on the main page. As a rule, banks report technical works on the site that may in turn cause delays in funds or their non-notions to another person.

With this problem, the translation will most likely be performed, only the timing of the operation will increase. It is worth contacting the bank to clarify information on the period of enrollment.

Technical breakdowns in the system work once affected the terms of money transfers. The operational work of the programmers allows you to quickly eliminate the problem and continue the work of the bank, but at the time of the correction of errors may fail to translate citizens, which will affect the period of its commission.

Frequently important when, having completed all the necessary actions with the filling of details, a person simply forgets to click the «Send» button. Thinking that he made a translation, begins to engage in his affairs, and soon discovers that money did not reach the addressee. In a panic, man begins to call to the bank, or departs to the department. But having studied the history of operations does not find the transfer of money.

Therefore, always make sure that you have completed all the conditions for sending money. Wait for the receipt on the check screen on the operation, and even better save it until the funds are received by another person.

As we have already said, cash must be accrued during a period of no more than 3 days. But it is important to know that these days should be workers. So, if you sent money on Saturday, or even Friday night, the transaction will not be implemented.

In any of the cases described above, your task as soon as possible contact the bank. You should not wait for the receipt of money in a week or two, because the law is clearly stipulated, which the bank cannot exceed.