Types of loans.

Every citizen in life may have such a situation when funds are urgently needed. In this case, you can get a loan, but bank programs are so much that the eyes are running out.

How to choose a really good loan option and that the conditions are profitable?

As a rule, cash loan is issued by the Bank for any purpose. The borrower, after signing the contract, receives funds to the hands or on the card, and can manage them as you like. However, this type of lending, due to its risks, is accompanied by high interest rates.

If you need funds for daily expenses or budget purchases, you can use the credit card. Now, many banks offer credit cards with a grace period. For example, the Alpha Bank credit card provides customers with the ability to use tools 100 days, and do not pay interest. If the borrower does not fit during this period, the bank begins to accrue interest.

What is the actually inconvenience?

Pros credit cards.

If the above credit products were miserial, then the mortgage loan has a specific goal — this is the acquisition of real estate.

Now there are a lot of such programs: «Family mortgage», «preferential mortgage», «Ready housing», etc. In order to use the program, you need to explore the conditions for each, and choose the appropriate for you.

If, for any other reasons, the state program did not come up for you, you can issue a mortgage loan under general conditions, but here it is also worth applying several ways that contribute to a decrease in the rate of the loan:

Thus, to arrange the most profitable loan for you, you need to answer a few questions:

The most important thing is to decide with the amount of the loan, appreciate your capabilities and the chances of repayment to prevent unpleasant situations in the future.

If you need funds for repair or other large purchases, it is best to take advantage of cash loan with the provision of pledge. But if a large purchase is an apartment, then it will be more profitable to arrange a mortgage, since it has interest rates much lower than consumer loan rates.