What are the loans for Russian stars take?

The need for loan design does not bypass not only ordinary citizens, but also celebrities. Many of them themselves talk about it, without having not concealed the fact of debts to banks. Others are trying not to advertise such actions, but the network of credit loans of artists constantly fall into the Internet.

The most common type of lending among celebrities has become a mortgage. Not all artists were able to buy accommodation for their own money, so they turned to the bank for help.

So, for example, a well-known actor

A, Zvezda «Comedy Woman»

One of the most discussed mortgages of recent years remains

The singer Sergey Lazarev, Stas Mikhailov, TV presenter of Tina Kandelaki, actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, actress Paul Saduchny, Hockey player Ivan Telegin and others.

Buying a car, expensive jewelry, clothes, gifts for the celebration of acquaintances — are also frequent causes of the celebrity loan.

So, for example, a famous football player and a former husband Olga Buzova —

Career development requires considerable investments from artists. Organization of concerts, tours around the country, props, specials. Effects, album agitation — all this is huge money. The activities of artists can not always recoup the costs spent not, so the stars turn into banks.

Also, video clips depending on their complexity, graphic work, special effects, attracting cascade, as well as other artists require huge amounts of money. And this money is not always available. Therefore, the loan design is the only way out of the situation.

Not all celebrities coped with their obligations under the loan agreement. Some of them were forced to declare themselves bankrupt, since the debt burden turned out to be unbearable, and the business did not bring income.

From here we can conclude that being a star does not always mean being rich so much that you can do without loans. Celebrities are also people, just requests from them above ordinary.