What debts may not be abroad?

Unfortunately, if you owe a large amount of money to a bank or for a long time did not pay alimony, your long-awaited vacation may not take place.

In order for you not to be unfolded home on passport control, it is worth knowing in advance what debts may not be abroad, and what to do with it.

The debtor is limited in the right of departure abroad in several cases:

It is important to know that if you have several debts to small amounts, then you should not neglect a visit to the bailiff to solve the problem, since debts are summed up and then if the total amount of them reaches 30,000 rubles, then the ban on traveling abroad is provided to you.

As you already understood, the presence of only not rejected debt is not enough to impose a ban on traveling abroad, a court order should be to recover funds, which is later transmitted to FSSP.

The bailiff according to the actuator will be in every way to try to recover the debt with you, but if you are hard to resist this, it is entitled to impose an arrest on check-out with a total amount of debt 10 000 rolls.

The ban on the departure is valid for six months, after which it is automatically removed, but the addition is entitled to impose it again if the debt will not be repaid.

First of all, we advise you to not bring the situation with debts to litigation. You can always take advantage of the service of refinancing, restructuring and credit has begun under financial difficulties.

If the restriction on trading abroad was imposed by an error, and because of this, you lost money spent on tickets and hotel, then you can easily go to court and with the most likely to win it.

It will be necessary to visit the bailiff and report that you want to repay a part of the debt right now and the rest then.

With backed up, you can agree, but only he should see. What do you really intend to extinguish debt.

For example, you can report that they are ready to pay off a couple of thousand rubles from the amount and it is the most from the bailiff cancel the restriction on departure.

Many Russians enjoy such a cunning to ride rest.

After your holiday, of course, questions will emerge, but if you don’t even intend to extinguish the debt just hammer on it, and over time, the bailiff changes and because of the teaching in the FSSP, you can relax abroad as an ordinary person without debts.

If you have learned about the debt at the airport, then you immediately make a payment and decide the issue in place will not work. You will have to wait at least a day until the attract changes and cancel the ban. To speed up the process, refer to the bait personally.