What does consumer loan mean without security?

Consumer loan is one of the most popular credit products among citizens. The need for its decoration increases every year, due to the lack of opportunity to quickly accumulate a large amount of funds.

The ability to issue such a loan only

The main advantage of such a loan is

An important requirement for the borrower remains a high level of salary. It is possible to prove your solvency by reference of income from the place of work for the last 6 months.

The borrower is set up standard requirements such as:

As mentioned above, such a loan creates large risks for the bank. If, in the case of mortgage property — real estate, car, securities, the Bank acquires guarantees of the execution of credit obligations in full. That without this, the bank risks its money.

But in the context of modern competition, it is simply necessary to go on transactions without ensuring, so banks do not give large amounts for use. In addition, in such loans they usually overestimate the interest rate in order to get their profits as soon as possible and in the larger volume.

As you can see, a loan without collateral and guarantors is available only at a confirmed solvency. Banks are more willing to transactions with a deposit, as in this case may not be worried about the situation in which you can lose work or to suffer financial problems, which will affect the regularity and completeness of monthly payments.