What does the credit rating depend on?

Assess your chances of a loan simply, it is enough to know the credit rating that you can find on the BKA website on which your credit history is stored.

In addition, you need to know what the credit rating is consisted in order to prevent errors that reduce its indicator.

Credit rating is a certain score that is based on your loan actions: conscientious payment or permitting payments, as well as a key check factor in banks when receiving a loan application.

The rating allows you to evaluate your chances of approving a loan, as it is based on the data of the data, which includes information on the bids on credit, the date and time of their dispatch, as well as their direction (which bank went to).

In addition, Ki stores data on all loans and loans in the MFIs that you previously decorated, or at the current time.

The combination of various factors allows computer systems to calculate the level of bank confidence in you. Such systems take into account the payments paid on time, of which the level of rating is formed. Overdue payments, on the contrary, reduce the indicator.

The state of ki largely affects the total value of the credit rating. In addition, fresh records in KI have a good effect on the calculation if such entries contain positive information.

The duration of the ki is noted by programs if the credit history is not at all, it is impossible to draw up a credit rating.

Some credit and financial organizations offer to check the credit rating on a fee, only few people know that it can request this information for free.

State services provide users with the opportunity to get acquainted with the List of BKA.

After you will be available to the BKA list, you should go to its website, and request a credit rating.

The possibility of free to check the Kyrgyz Republic is available to citizens just a couple of times a year, for more checks, the service should be paid in a credit and financial organization or on the BKA website.

Of course, the indicator of the Kyrgyz Republic and history can be enhanced. In order for the lender to see in you a solvent borrower, which can be issued money on credit, the credit rating should be 600-850 points on the NBKa scale.

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