What if scammers have written off the money from the card?

Write-off of funds by fraudsters so much that no one is surprised by this kind of crime. Each time, people shrugs, and hope they themselves can’t get caught on the tricks of swells.

But if suddenly such a situation still happened to you, we will share the instructions of actions that will help to return the cash back.

The first thing you need to do is to call the bank that released and serves your card. Next, report an employee of writing money, explain that you have not made any operations and ask to block the card.

If you do not do it immediately after finding the fact of theft of money, you are subject to the possibility of committing such a crime again. Fraudsters can write off the funds that remain on the map, or try to write them off from other accounts in this bank if you have several of them.

This is further important how quickly contact the bank with a statement about protest operations carried out without your permission. Such an application should be written on the same day, or a maximum of the next, but not later.

Also, documented appeal to the bank will also be indisputable proof of your not inaction if it comes to court proceedings.

The percentage of the disclosure of such crimes is small enough. But the probability of detention of fraudsters is still there. It is impossible to miss a small chance for the return of funds.

In a statement to the police, please specify information:

By law, the Bank is obliged to return the money to the client, but in practice it is almost impossible. Since fraudsters have personal information from a citizen, to prove their innocence or not involvement in a perfect crime is very difficult.

For consideration of your statement may take months, and there will be no result. Or the bank will also refuse to refund money at all, and then you will have the only way out of the situation — to apply to the court to challenge the decision of the bank.

Therefore, be very attentive, unfortunately in our country the law on the side of banks. And not people.

Many banks offer card insurance services from fraudulent actions and even promise due to the insurance company to return money written off by fraudsters if such a case occurred.

This is the trick of banks and should not count on it!

Even if you are intensifying the card, the bank in the case of the proceedings will find 1000 and 1 way to prove that you are the culprit of the situation and scammers wrote off money only for your fault.

Do not connect the insurance card and spend this extra money — it is created to enrich the bank, and not to help customers.

Unfortunately, to protect yourself from this kind of fraudulent action is possible only by storing cash. But in the modern world, where everything is upgraded for virtual payment of a bank card, this is not only not convenient, but not practical.

You can prevent attempts to write off the money by fraudsters if they trial to contact you. In no case do not call personal information, and even more information about the maps. We also advise not to list money for suspicious requests of familiar or relatives. It is always better to make sure of the need to help by calling the mobile phone asking for help acquaintances.

Be careful when using bank cards!