What if the bank recalled the license?

Over the past 10 years, the Central Bank of Russia has withdrew the license of more than half of the country’s countries. The violation of the current laws governing banking activities becomes a frequent cause of big attention from the Central Bank, which will include the termination of creditors.

The central bank of Russia is endowed with these powers. Only he can withdraw a license from credit and financial organizations. A list containing grounds for this is limited and recorded in FZ No. 395-1 of 2.12.1990.

The list of possible causes includes:

The state has invented a mechanism for the protection of bank customers of the Bank, while recalling a license to work a lender. Thus, with a similar situation, the depositor can return its finances from an independent source.

To begin with, you need to make sure that your bank is included in the CER, as well as the contribution to the category of insured.

First of all, you need to make an application to the Deposit Insurance Agency, after which you know the procedure for payment of compensation, which is usually published on the DIA website.

In the same contribution insurance agency, after about two weeks after the license is revoked by the lender, payments will be issued. Or the ADM will appoint banks to which the injured depositors and bank customers may apply for money.

If the deposit amount exceeds 1.4 million rubles, then the DS will not return more than this amount. Therefore, experts in the banking sector advise to discover deposits in various credit and financial institutions in order to secure the entire amount of deposits.

If, before the license revocation, you managed to conclude a loan agreement in the bank, then after the elimination of the organization, your obligations do not disappear anywhere.

Be sure to contact the Bank for further clarification of the procedure.

If you have been open and the deposit account and the loan is decorated, the bank will cover money from the deposit of a loan. If the difference will remain after the repayment of the entire amount of the debt, then it will be returned to the client.

Many mistakenly believe that after the license revocation, you do not need to pay for debts before the bank. And cease to execute credit obligations, which leads to an increase in debt and accrual of fines.

This position of the borrowers is completely wrong. You need to continue to pay a loan. Be sure to keep checks and receipts on paid payments.