What if the collectors came?

You have repeatedly heard stories about when collectors came to your familiar or relatives and demanded a return debt return.

Also, recently, the news on the Internet about the illegal actions of employees of such organizations and the adverse effects of their pressure on citizens were very frequent.

Collective agencies are commercial organizations and their employees — collectors can come to the address of the actual residence or registration in order to perform their work, namely to beat debts.

But any citizen, based on the current legislation, has the right to not let the manifold home or the local territory. That is, if you heard a call on the door and saw that guests got to you, you have the full right not to fulfill the requirement to open the door, no matter how collectors did not take advantage.

By law, collectors can come to the borrower only once a week, and on weekdays in the interval 8: 00-22: 00, and on weekends from 9:00 to 20:00.

Prove by the way that collectors are involved in this will be difficult, since the police in most cases say that they have more important things. But here it all depends on your perseverance!

First of all, collectors do not have the right to insult you, intimidating and apply any measures of psychological or physical pressure. No rare cases when under the action of different types of pressure, the debtors resorted to suicide attempts. It is also worth noting that the damage of your property is illegal.

If you get calls at night from collector agencies, then this is also an unlawful action, as well as disclosing information about your debt to third parties.

Most of the people, having heard that collectors stand behind the door, begin to worry and nervous.

Do not forget that employees of such organizations are well trained and know how and how to press it out. Therefore, at this point, hide without panic and ignore any information that has been said to withdraw from the state of calm.

If collectors threaten your life, lay out doors or make any other illegal actions, then boldly record all your conversations on the voice recorder, or shoot a video, as you can then contact the prosecutor’s office or Roskomnadzor with a complaint about unacceptable reservoirs.

The main thing is to warn employees of the collector agency about the implementation of their words record. If all of their actions go the boundaries of reasonable, then contact the police immediately.

Collectors also do not have the right to force you to give them money. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry that you will be taken from all available cash savings at the time of the arrival of employees of such organizations. Extortion is prohibited by law, and in this case you can contact the police or the prosecutor’s office.

Remember the most important thing — you should not anyone. And if necessary, only by court decision!

First of all, when I detected outside the door of your apartment, employees of a collector agency should not lose their self-control, do not act aggressively or be afraid of anything.

While you personally do not open the door and do not let into the apartment of these citizens, no one has the right to blame you and spoil your property.

If the actions of the staff will violate social norms and laws, then boldly contact the police. At the same time, do not forget to record conversations or collector actions, warning in advance that you are going to fix what is happening.

This will help you to prove their law enforcement action.