What if you are calling on a loss of a person?

At least once a person faces the fact that he is called on someone else’s loan. The culprit of annoying calls from the bank managers or collectors can be relatives and friends, but also completely unlike people.

Someone simply ignores such calls, and someone begins to worry a lot, whether someone else’s debt of personal funds or property will affect.

Do not think that your room has been chosen randomly, simply because collectors need to knock out other people’s debts in any way. You can call for several reasons, but they are all closely connected with a person who owes the bank to the bank.

For bank employees, and even more than collectors, the main task in their work is the return of funds, so it is often common to communicate with their part and incorrectly, which you do not advise you to do.

Therefore, keep quietly, confidently — for you the best option for communication. You are not required to share your personal information, as well as negotiate a meeting.

The most effective way to terminate calls for someone else’s loan is a personal visit to a credit and financial institution. You can also use the online service and leave a claim on the organization’s website.

It is important that the employee of the bank or collection agency adopt your application and register it, and also gave you a copy with signature and seal.

In conclusion, we want to add that if a personal visit and the claim did not contribute to the fact that you are behind you, then you should complain to the actions of a credit and financial organization in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, as well as the prosecutor’s office.