What if you forgot the card in an ATM?

Very often in a hurry, bank customers forget their cards in ATMs, and recall them already enough far from the scene. No wonder all procedures in an ATM are accompanied by specific sounds that are needed to attract the attention of customers.

But often the ATMs themselves due to faults can knock your card.

Imagine that you made actions with the card: removed cash or replenished the account, paid utility services, and so on, and then forget to pick up a card from the nest, just left. They remembered it late, and on the return card did not find it.

The first thing you have to do when remember about the map is to call the Bank’s Office. If you are close to the bank branch, then run there. The main task for you first is to block the map, that is, to make it inactive. If you are confident that you can quickly make such actions in a mobile application, then act.

So debit cards enable customers to pay for purchases without the introduction of a PIN code in the amount of from 1 to 3 thousand rubles. You can make purchases each other until money is run out.


If the ATM is in the bank branch, then immediately refer to any free employee who can help you. As a rule, the return card occurs quickly.

If an ATM is located in the store or a shopping center, and the bank branch is very far away, then it is necessary to immediately dial the hotline number, which is usually indicated on the ATM itself. Next, the manager will give you instructions on which you will act.

You may have to contact the bank office to write a statement. It is important to remember the address where the ATM and the time of the incident is located. Also write down the device number, which is usually written in a prominent place. This will allow bank employees faster to solve your problem.

Often in places of large cluster of people, such as shopping centers, the card capturing mechanism starts to break. Therefore, not rare citizens cards are stuck in the nest. In this case, you can try to extract it yourself by pulling the edge.

But if this option is not available, for example, when the card came out of the nest only 1-1.5 centimeters, and the rest of it is clamped by an ATM. You should immediately call the phone number of the bank, and explain the situation. Most likely it will have to temporarily block the card, since the solution to the situation may take a long time.

There are situations where the ATM does not give the card to the owner for several reasons. It is worth excluding them in place, and further act according to our instructions.

This is what we are talking about incorrect Introduction of the PIN code for more than three times, in which an ATM can use the action algorithm for fraudulent frauds, which entails tightening the card inside the ATM to further proceedings.