What if your passport was issued on your passport?

It would seem that someone can make a loan on someone else’s passport, because this document is usually always at hand, or kept at home.

But there are often cases when fraudsters, mastering your document may easily make a loan, just faked a photo on your own.

To take possession of your passport fraudsters can in two cases.

After finding the perfect tool for fraudulent fraud, criminals can fake a signature, as well as throw your photo, and then start acting — make out loans or various purchases in installments.

Most often, fraudsters go to communication salons to acquire expensive devices. Then they resell them and get a rather big money, and you stay with credit obligations that will only learn when notifications about overdue payments come.

For sellers, the main thing to check the photo in the passport and pierce it on the basis of passports to make sure that the passport is not stolen or not losing lost.

There is a chance that the staff of such sales points are in collusion with fraudsters, then the second can be used so easily, check out the purchase in your name.

The only correct and accurate way to find out who and how much you should have to request your credit history, as it contains all the debts of the past and current.

Accordingly, you will see all the credit and financial organizations in which the fraudster managed to place a loan for your passport.

Ki is stored in the Bureau of credit stories. The list of existing bureaus can be found by requesting the Public Services portal. Next, go to the website of the Bureau and request information.

You can use such a service for free twice a year.

First of all, you must contact the police as soon as possible with a statement about the loss or theft of the passport.

Visit the Passport Table for submitting an application for passport replacement.

Familiarize yourself with your credit history and find out where and how much you should.

Write claims to banks where loans were issued. It is necessary in order to cancel loan agreements.

It is better to contact the bank already after visiting the police station, then you will have a confirmation on your hands that someone has chosen to hand, and loans are not decorated, but fraudsters.

Creditors are not so much important who took a loan, as it is important to return the borrowed funds, so it is often possible to hear complaints from the hands of scammers on the fact that banks refuse to revoke the contract.

Therefore, the only way out for you may be court. Collect as much evidence as possible. In case of victory, the lender will be obliged to stop demanding the return of debt on the loan.