What is the trick without overpayment?

When the buyer doubts the need to acquire a particular product, a favorable offer comes to the help of sellers — installments without overpayment. For the buyer, this means the purchase of goods with the ability to smash payment for a number of months, and for the seller the next tick in terms of sales.

Installment 0-0-24 is offered to the buyer in most major stores. Behind these incomprehensible numbers is hidden a simple value. First zero —

The scheme of such a favorable sentence is simple. Since the contract is concluded with the bank, respectively, he needs to make a profit with your purchase. Therefore, the percentage of the loan is already included in the cost of the goods. Initially, the bank, as it is buying goods with a discount, and then hesitates the interest for the use of the loan. The seller implements the goods already without discount, but supposedly with favorable conditions for you. You make installments counting that there is no overpayment, and it is already included in the price of goods.

As you can see, the goods in installments without overpayment resemble a marketing move aimed at attracting customers and profits. In fact, you do not buy goods with a discount or loan without percent, as they have already been invested in the cost of the purchase object.

But if the purchase is very necessary, the installment may become an excellent output from the situation. So, for example, a large amount of money is required to buy a new refrigerator, which may simply be at the buyer at the time of failure of the old refrigerator. Then, the broken value of the goods by 12 or 24 months, the monthly payment will not serve as a strong debt burden, and will allow you to buy the necessary item.