What is waiting for the apartment market in 2021?

Few people understand the difference between the apartment and apartments. Even if this is the only housing of the family, the house is fixed behind the management company, each owner has its own mailbox and another — this does not mean the room is residential.

Commercial premises, apartments, soon can change their status at the legislative level, and this will certainly affect their cost.

The apartments are often referred to as the «poor», because, in fact, performing the functions of the residential premises, they are not. Registration in such premises is not provided by law, and their status is equal to commercial real estate.

At the same time accommodation in the room is allowed, only no subsidies and benefits for utility bills are not provided. In addition, the calculation for utilities is made on tariffs for commercial premises.

The use of preferential programs for mortgage lending or other measures of state support for the purchase of apartments is not provided by law. In addition, it is also impossible to get a tax deduction.

On the opening of the cafe, the game room, the pharmacy or any other type of business asking permission from the neighbors is not needed. The law on the permissible volume of noise does not apply to the apartments, so if you have little children, it is worth thinking about buying a residential premises.

As you already understood the apartments do not allow citizens to register in the room. This directly depends on the legal status of such premises. At the moment, the apartments are commercial premises. But soon the government of the Russian Federation wants to change it.

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation approved the deadlines in which the Council of the Federation will consider the draft law on determining the status of apartments and the possibility of registration in them, as well as about the prohibition of further construction of this type of real estate. Hearing in the State Duma is scheduled for October 2021, and the consideration of the Russian Federation for the Russian Federation for December 2021.

Interestingly, President of the Russian Federation Putin V.V. I instructed to deal with this problem by the end of August 2021, but as we see this issue delayed for a longer period.

The main advantage of this type of real estate is the price. As a rule, the cost of apartments compared to residential premises — an apartment or house below by 15-20 percent. Also, the apartments can be provided with a bank as a deposit on the loan, despite the fact that the room is not residential.

The market rates for apartments in the area where apartments are built, as well as developed infrastructure, and the presence of near schools, kindergartens, parking, shops, pharmacies, parking, shops, pharmacies and other were built.

And if now the cost of a square meter of apartments and apartments has a difference of 1-1.5%, then after adopting a new law, this difference will disappear.

Therefore, as you see, judge the changes in the apartment market at the moment you can only theoretically. So far, the draft law is not considered by the Government of the Russian Federation, we can only predict what will happen when it is adopted.

If your property has apartments, then sell them to postpone until the bill is considered, because with a positive decision to change the status, it will be possible to sell them more expensive at the cost of the apartment.