What social guarantees give the state to date?

The state takes responsibility for the well-being of its citizens. The government should provide permissible minima for each resident of its country. The main social guarantees and benefits are enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

The annual calculations of the consumer basket, subsistence minimum, minimum wages are carried out in order to improve the conditions of the existence of Russians.

The state guarantees Russians the opportunity to learn and get an education regardless of nationality and origin. Neither Paul nor Race nor the attitude towards religion should not affect the restriction of citizens’ rights.

There were cases when educational institutions due to a certain number of seats did a choice in favor of citizens from secured families, while the law suggests that the status of «poor» and «rich» should not be influenced by the restriction of the right to Training, as well as a social and job position.

For people with disabilities, all conditions are created for comfortable learning, including ramps and handrails, an assistant call button and another.

The state respects and appreciates the work of its citizens, so equated the minimum level of wages to the subsistence minimum. The size of the minimum welfare in the regions, so in Moscow, this indicator leaves 20,589 rubles, and, for example, in the Volgograd region, 14,599 rubles.

Every citizen is free to choose a profession and what he wants to do. The state provides free assistance in finding work to citizens of the Russian Federation, by contacting the employment centers.

The state guarantees unemployed citizens to pay unemployment benefits, as well as free vocational training and retraining. This requires the direction of employment service. Also, Russians have the opportunity to participate in paid community work.

Family benefits with children

Most of all benefits are allowances for child education, as well as pregnancy and childbirth. So a family with a child can count on state aid, which is to pay funds in different criteria.

A parent who carries out child care is up to 1.5 years old, and then under 3 years old can count on vacation, during which the state undertakes to pay it to the cash. And at the birth of a child, a one-time payment is paid to one of the parents.

Children of military personnel are included in the category of citizens who are calculated by additional support measures, so benefits receive families where the father takes place military service.

Everyone has the right to free medical care. Mandatory Insurance Policy Allows Russians to receive treatment in different directions.

In addition, the state guarantees not only to provide Russians with medical care, but also to protect citizens in obtaining harm in the course of this help. If, due to the unfair fulfillment of duties, the medical worker was damage to health, the medical organization takes responsibility for the incident and undertake to compensate for the damage in full.

As you can see, the state is trying to provide citizens with social guarantees in all spheres of life. In reality, everything looks not so promising. For example, the level of medicine leaves much to be desired, and citizens are increasingly turning to private clinics, where the attitude of doctors and the quality of service is much better. Drug Equipment remains predominantly on paper, and you can only get the right drug by complaints about the Ministry of Health.

Families to families with children are available only to those who pass in all the requirements written by the «small font», and more often depends on the level of family income, where even 1 ruble can solve whether the family payments are decent or not.