What to do with a bank card, which has expired?

In total there is a shelf life. Not exception are plastic cards that we actively use every day. It does not matter a debit or credit card in your hands, each of them has its date on the front side, which is valid.

As a rule, banks set the cards for a period of 3 years. For these long 36 months with a plastic card, anything can happen. First, damage appears on the map, which at some point may complicate the reading of the chip or make it impossible to scan the magnetic tape. Secondly, the data printed on the map is erased.

Also, when you re-care, you can pick up a new design if the old one is completely tired. Many banks for an additional fee can apply the drawing that you offer. It will also be useful to change the PIN code that you used earlier.

When receiving a new card, the old must be recycled. At home you can cut it into small parts so that no one can use the information printed on it: the owner’s data, the card number, secret code, and the expiration date. In addition, it is better to throw off the pieces of the card in several goals, that is, not in one trash bag.

In some regions of the country, banks offer card utilization without harm to ecology. So an ATM, who accepted the card with an expired service life, will offer its owner to raise the card for processing. After the consent of the owner, the card will remain in the ATM.

This method of getting rid of the old card was able to try the inhabitants of the Sverdlovsk region, where the main bank of the country first provided such a convenient and eco-friendly service. We hope that in other regions there will also be such an opportunity, because, as we know, plastic decomposes very long. This process can take from 80 to 600 years.

As a rule, banks are automatically re-removed by the card, by the time the validity of the old expires. Then you will receive an SMS message in which the address of the bank’s separation will be specified in which you can pick up a new card.

If you want to use the map Next, you do not want, then a month before the expiration of the term, it is worth contacting the bank to terminate the contract. As a result, a new card will not be released automatically.

Cash is stored not on the map, but on the account. Therefore, the reissue of the plastic does not affect the ability to use money.

Sometimes it happens that the expiration date of the old card is over, and the new one has not yet been reissued, then you can contact the Bank’s cashier to withdraw cash, or transfer money to another card or other client using an online application.

After the expiration of the card, it becomes just a piece of plastic, which will no longer function. Therefore, its storage is meaningless. If the bank has not sent you a notice of the release of a new card, contact your nearest branch yourself.