What you need to get a tax deduction for the purchase of an apartment?

Not many know that they can return a part of the tax of the tax in the treasury after buying an apartment legally. Most people do not use this right simply because of ignorance in the matter.

If you work on an employment contract, and your employer keeps 13% from salaries, then you have the right to submit documents on the return of this percentage of the cost of purchased real estate.

For those who plan to return their money for the purchase of housing, we have collected all useful information in our material.

Tax deduction is issued only 1 time, while there is a limit of funds, which is 2,000,000 rubles for the construction and purchase of housing. In the repayment of interest on the mortgage agreement, the limit of funds is slightly higher and amounts to 3,000,000 rubles. Because of this, it is possible to return 260,000 rubles for the purchase of real estate and 390,000 percentage paid during the repayment of the mortgage.

The amount of returned funds cannot be more than that was kept as a tax.

If the cost of housing was less than 2 million rubles, then the deduction can be obtained not in full, and the remaining amount is transferred to subsequent tax periods. A citizen can take advantage of the possibility of returning money to full use of the right to deduct.

Many are interested in the question: «How soon will they provide papers to deduct?» After all, no extra money will be, they can pay off part of the debt on credit obligations.

When buying secondary housing, you can submit documents to deduct immediately after purchase. What can not be said about the acquisition of a new building, since in this case the ability to make a deduction appears only after the house is commissioned, as well as signing the act of receiving housing.

If you did not know about the right of deduction in time, and did not have time to submit documents after the acquisition of property rights, then you will continue to do this in the other year. The main thing is to remember that you can make such a procedure for no more than three years.

So, if the apartment was purchased in 2018, then when making the right of deduction in 2021, you will return the money immediately for 2018, 2019, 2020.

To extract the maximum benefit from the tax deduction, it is worthwhile to do it after the end of the year, in which you have the right to ownership of real estate. The money received can be sent to early repayment of the mortgage loan, as well as for expensive purchases or repairs in the apartment.


An alternative method of returning funds from the state treasury is

This requires to collect all the necessary documents and submit them to the tax. Next, expect the issuance of notification. Waiting period — 30 calendar days.

As you can see, without visiting the tax and collecting documents can not do. And the choice of a method of obtaining a service depends directly from the desire of the taxpayer. Someone is easier to receive a salary in a greater amount, someone is more profitable to get the entire amount of deduction immediately.

If the purchase of housing was completely for the state budget or when using maternal capital funds, it will not be possible to return the tax deduction, the same situation consists with participation in the military mortgage program.

In addition, the purchase of housing in close relatives also burdens citizens to obtain a tax deduction. If you are going to buy an apartment from a brother, sisters and even a parent, the tax deduction will be not allowed to you. The same situations and upon receipt of an apartment as a gift or by inheritance.