What you need to know about online lending?

Great popularity in the financial market receives online lending. Many citizens easier to leave a request on the site, and make a loan without leaving home.

This allows customers not to stand in queues in the offices of the bank, as well as save time on important things.

Registration of the loan online is a very simple procedure. It is enough to choose a suitable financial and credit organization and fill out an application on the site. Next, the manager will contact you to clarify the information and will give further instructions.

The most popular banking products are currently credit cards and non-target loans.

Credit registration in MFI will require a borrower literally pairs of documents at remote treatment. Only, as in the situation with an inappropriate defense loan, the proposals from the MFI will include a high interest rate that deliberately covers the risks of creditors.

The undisputed advantage of online lending can be called the rapid approval of the loan by the Bank.

In addition, often banks require the minimum amount of information from the client, including a borrower name, date and place of birth, address of accommodation and registration, document certifying personality, as well as contact details and email for additional communication.

The main minus of online lending remains a high level of interest rates.

Also incorrectly entered data in the loan application may cause a refusal for it. And you can apply an application, as a rule, not earlier than the month in the same bank.

Therefore, choosing lending online, you need to carefully check the entire information made to the fields about the borrower and its income, as well as the amount of the loan.

The percentage below the key rate of the Central Bank immediately should alert you. The profit of the bank consists of a surcharge percentage of a key rate, so there can be no longer a loan rate below.

The only thing that can ask you to have a creditor is a counting number or card to transfer credit funds, but nothing more.

Often fraudsters offer a large amount of money with favorable conditions, but before it is translated, they require you to pay a commission for work. The amount of such commissions may be more than 10 thousand rubles. Soon such «employees» simply disappear with your money, and credit money, as you understand, no one provides.

The conditions and requirements for the online application are individual in each bank, so it is worth carefully reading information on the creditor website. As a rule, a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation is always required, as well as information about income.