What you need to know in order to save when receiving a mortgage?

More than 10 million mortgage loans were issued in Russia since its entire existence of this type of lending. You can save on your apartment yourself, but it is very difficult. This process will take a long time if we assume that your salary is within the middle country.

Even with stable earnings, the mortgage can be a severe debt burden that will beat the human budget. Therefore, it is important to know what will help you to save money when making a mortgage agreement.

Before applying for a mortgage, analyze your financial opportunities. Based on them, pick up a suitable loan period. It is important to take into account the fact that in the future there may be problems with work, and maybe with the size of the salary.

Take into account additional income, for example, wages of spouses or spouses, benefits and payments from the state — everything that can become a «security pillow» in case of unforeseen financial problems. And pushing out this information, choose the optimal mortgage period so that life does not cease to be comfortable.

The larger the first contribution of the mortgage, the less the amount of funds on credit. This principle implies overpaying less, which will certainly go to your hand.

Here you give 750,000 rubles as an initial contribution, but by virtue of your income, you want to leave a monthly payment in the area of 17 thousand rubles, then the bank may offer you to reduce mortgage time up to 13 years. And the amount of overpayment will be already 774,495.01 rubles with a monthly fee of 16 182.66 rubles.

Banks insist on the initial contribution of at least 30% of the property value. You can postpone the mortgage before accumulating the desired amount of money or seek help from friends and relatives. Take into loans from familiar people better, as this does not entail the payment of interest for the use of money.

Above, we mentioned a mortgage with a 6% rate. This is not a fictional program, but actually working a state support for families with children. If your family was born first child, then you can make a mortgage at a minimum interest rate.

Families with a disabled child can take advantage of the same opportunity, which does not have to be the only one in the family to participate in the preferential mortgage.

If there are no children in your family, you can postpone the mortgage, because quite recently the family in which the first child was born to receive the maternity capital of 639,000 rubles, the amount of which can be spent on the initial contribution. An impressive amount can easily become 30% of real estate costs and make it easier for you a mortgage path.

For families with two or more children, the amount of maternal capital is 483,000 rubles.

If you are working on an employment contract and pay a tax of 13%, then you have the opportunity to return cash by property deduction. The maximum amount is 260,000 rubles, since the state is set by the limit on the cost of housing — 2 million rubles. Therefore, if you bought an apartment worth from 2 million rubles, the amount of deduction will be 260 thousand and no more.

There is also the right to return 13% of the percentage paid on the mortgage. The maximum amount paid percentage is 3 million rubles, and the amount to be returned to 390,000 rubles.

You can take advantage of the property deduction once, and only over the past three years if you have not issued it immediately in the current year, in which you have taken a mortgage. Money obtained from deduction can be sent to early repayment of the mortgage, thereby reducing the amount of debt and overpayment.

You can save on the mortgage after its design. Early repayment, even small amounts, will help you reduce credit period, and accordingly the amount of overpayment. Or, if your financial situation begins to suffer, you can choose a decrease in the size of the monthly payment instead of a decrease in the term of the loan agreement. In any case, you will be in winning.