Where and how can I get a loan without a citizen of Russia?

Every year up to 12 million foreign citizens are registered in the Russian Federation. They, as the Russians are arranged to work, buy real estate, create families, enjoy all the benefits of the state.

Not exception is the need for a large amount of funds for the acquisition of expensive goods or payment for services, such as treatment. Then the banks put forward some other requirements for foreign citizens than to the Russians.

At the legislative level, there are no prohibitions on transactions with financial and credit institutions with foreign citizens. Non-residents can issue bank cards, leave applications for credit or other credit products, keep saving on Russian accounts, as well as make money transfers.

Banks reluctantly go to transactions with foreign citizens, since, first of all, they cannot check their credit history. If the Russians have this test takes 5-10 minutes, then in a situation with non-residents such an opportunity is not observed.

And in general, the attitude to the permafrost of staying in the territory of the Russian Federation foreigners from the bank is dubious. Experts believe that for non-residents, the decision to leaving abroad is made much easier than for Russians, so banks do not want to risk their money.

Most banks still adhere to policies, according to which foreigners do not prohibit issuing credit obligations.

As you can see, the credit approval to foreign persons is hampered by a large number of factors, ranging from citizenship, ending with the Bank’s domestic policy.

More chances of non-residents exists on credit with the provision: a pledge or guarantor. But in fact, to comply with all the criteria of the bank, as well as the conditions of the loan agreement, it is impossible