Where do scammers take data for loan design?

An ordinary citizen is difficult to imagine how to make a loan in the name of another person, while fraudsters do not cease to surprise all the new schemes of deception.

Today, for chairs, the loan design for someone else’s name is a plain case, so it is so important to protect yourself from a similar problem.

Before you figure out where the scammers from the scamuses from other people need to find out what documents are needed for the loan.

As a rule, fraudsters make a cash loan, as bank cards can be traced, which increases the risk of crime disclosure. Therefore, the list of documents is limited and includes a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, SNILS or INN.

The most relevant for fraudsters loans for small amounts that do not require a full check of the financial condition of the borrower, which increases the chances of making money. At the same time, banks are asked to provide only passport details.

Sometimes fraudsters need only a photocopy of a document confirming personality to make a loan. Such an opportunity opens in some microfinance organizations when issuing a loan remotely.

To get the data of your passport today is very simple, because they are required when concluding any contracts, starting from learning and ending with the purchase of goods by installments. People already on the machine enter the data of their passport into all the questionnaires or inform them to pass the bank employees by telephone.

In the event of a passport, we advise you to immediately go to the police station. In the appropriate statement, fix the loss or theft, for further making a document in a special base.

This will reduce the risk of loan design in your name, but if you do not do it right away, then fraudsters can take advantage of your data and get money that you will not know anything.

Experienced fraudsters learned how to cross photos in the passport, so that even employees, through whose hands there are several dozen passports, cannot distinguish the original from the fake.

From here, it is not possible to get a loan, especially if you contact the organization for the extradition of fast loans, where the verification of documents is only a formality, and the main task is to make a deal and accrual large interest, of which the profit takes shape.

We advise you to disclose your data only in cases where legislation requires, in other situations, think whether the need to provide a copy or data transfer is indeed.