Which banks are most often treated by citizens for loans?

Confidence in the bank consists when using the first credit product. The impression of the service, the help of employees, transparency of contract items create a favorable review of a credit and financial organization in people, which further contributes to the client base with banks.

We learned which banks caused confidence from citizens, and much more often people are addressed for obtaining credit services.

The first three leaders in the number of issued loans to individuals open «Sberbank», «Bank VTB», «Gazprombank».


The level of confidence in the bank consists of the quality of interaction of the personnel of a credit and financial organization with clients, transparency of lending conditions, as well as loyalty programs.

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Next, banks are coming on our list, which did not reach the leaders because of the large detachment by the number of loans issued to borrowers. Here we can attribute «

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Good attitudes and advantageous offers are only part of the common picture, which consists of the Bank’s customers about the chosen credit and financial organization. In addition, interest in the lender causes

Also, single branches of banks do not cause confidence because

Banks that have special offers for salary customers will also issue more loans than those credit organizations that are not engaged.