Which stars live in credit debts?

Celebrities, as well as ordinary people seek help in financial and credit organizations. Earned fees mostly, as a rule, go to the development of career, organizing tours, songs and shooting in various show programs.

And for the purchase of expensive goods, real estate or celebrity car, they turn to the bank for loans, as well as ordinary citizens of our country.

Recently, the singer admitted that he bought a house of 400 square meters on the plot of 20 acres — to the mortgage. All earned money from his creative activity go to the creation of careers, the organization of concerts, as well as recordings of albums.

Earlier, the artist has already resorted to credit obligations. He bought the car at the expense of borrowed funds. Lazarev’s income allowed him to pay a loan on time and content with its own car.

Mortgage Sergey pays so far.

The former participant of the Musical Group «VIA GR» more than once boasted the luxurious purchase of an apartment in the center of Moscow. The incredible amount for real estate with a beautiful view and a spacious layout forced Anna to issue a mortgage agreement, according to which the amount of the monthly payment is 480 thousand rubles.

Now the singer lives on a rented apartment along with her husband and children while repair work is undergoing in a mortgage apartment.

We hope it will soon finish the repair and extinguishes a mortgage loan on time.

One of the most striking participants of the «Comedy Woman» show, Catherine Varnava, was finally able to share a joyful news. After a large number of years later on the screen, the actress was able to buy his own apartment in Moscow.

To carry out the dream of Kate, the loan was required, which she successfully issued in one of the metropolitan financial and credit institutions. The funds did not have enough money to buy real estate in the city center, and then Katya decided to search for options with another location. Thus, she found a new building away from the center, which bought for borrowed funds.

Varnaba before this lived in a removable apartment and not one year.

Soviet and Russian actor Sergey Bezrukov shared with his fans with information that, like many other people, he decided to take a mortgage.

After the birth of the son, the actor and his wife took the expansion of square meters. Then he issued a mortgage agreement for a period of 20 years. The actor is confident that he will have to fulfill all the credit obligations before such a long time. We can only wish him good luck.

Moreover, Sergey returned to his career after a big break. He already receives many sentences to dream in the cinema and is currently successfully filmed in commercials.

The film director and the star of the series «My beautiful nanny» owed a huge amount of money in front of the bank. Earlier, Sergey issued a loan for filming. But the picture did not pay off costs, as a result of which the actor did not have money to pay for debt.

At the moment, Sergey pays debt to the bank, but because of this problem, the artist began small health problems, we hope that Sergey will soon pay multi-million dollar debt and will continue his career.

As we understand, no fame nor the popularity of celebrities from calls to the bank for help in obtaining funds. Mortgage and consumer loans are among the most popular banking products among stars.