Who is the perfect borrower?

Lenders dream of seeing ideal borrowers represented by their customers, because in this case, the risks to non-fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreement are reduced to zero. This kind of borrowers have more chances to get approval on request on credit.

We learned what the requirements should answer the perfect borrower so that his chances of obtaining a loan were higher. And also found out how they want to see the banks of their potential customers.

Here it will be discussed not only about the financial capabilities of the client, but also physical characteristics. So, for example, the specialists of the banking sector argue that men are less reliable borrowers than women. The latter are more punctual and allow less than overdue payments than men.

The least reliable borrowers are men whose age is between the 20-28 years, without a family.

Many clients believe that ideally the borrower must have not only a high level of income and stable work, but also a good credit history. But as it turned out, by the general opinion, leading experts, high wages are not the main defining factor in the approval of the credit product. Here it is more important for the presence of good reputation without overdue and legal proceedings, as well as the age of the client.

The Bank needs to make sure your solvency, as well as the blessings of the fulfillment of the loan obligations. What will be perfectly helping the study of your credit history.

Another important aspect that increases the chances of obtaining a loan is the availability of banking products from the same lender, whose borrower is going to make a loan.

According to statistics, banks even refused to people who had a big income, since the bank was simply not profitable. Suddenly, the person received a loan of 300,000 rubles to pay him in one month.

And this is a fact, there are many such cases, but they usually apply to people taking any technique in stores on credit.

If you are such a borrower, then the chances of getting a loan you have very good, and make a loan will turn out quickly and the conditions will be excellent!