Who regulates the work of collectors?

Many people think that collectors are employees of organizations that are not controlled by anyia. This is not surprising, because their actions largely violate the laws of our country, which makes an opinion about their impunity.

But in fact, there is still control over the activities of such agencies. And today we will tell you about it.

Yes, unconditionally collector agencies must be licensed organizations. This is clearly spelled out in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In order for them to be submitted to the State Register of Legal Entries, which must comply with a number of requirements, such as:

He is engaged in the registration of collector agencies The federal service of bailiffs.

Check whether such an organization was submitted to the register of legal entities with permission to work on the Internet independently.

So you can make sure that you do not work scammers.

Since initially control over the activities of collectors is conducted by the federal bailiff service, then it is possible to file a complaint against unlawful actions of collectors.

During the Pandemic period in the buildings of the FSSP, special boxes have been installed for receiving complaints and appeals, where you can omit yours.

If you are bothering frequent calls that violate the rules set for collectors, if you call at night, to the workplace, by illegally filing the phone of your employment site, as well as the dissemination of your personal data, then you can complain about Roskomnadzor.

If criminal acts are traced in the actions of collectors, it is possible to contact the Department of the Ministry of the Interior directly.

In practice, administrative penalties are often found for collectors. So in the case of small hooliganism, for example, the painting of your entrance door can be the inscription «Verney money», scratches by car, the bunch of tires and so on, if such activities are detected, you can attract collectors to a fine, and even suspend their work for a while .

Insults, humiliation of your dignity, intimidation — all this can cause the imposition of penalties in relation to collectors.

Using your personal data, namely, not relevant to the legislation, their collection, storage and distribution can be the reason for the complaint to the prosecutor’s office, where the prosecutor has the right to initiate an administrative case.

Many will be pleased to know that the illegal actions of collectors can lead to criminal punishment, since very often employees of such organizations intentionally cross all the boundaries permitted to recover from the debtor of money.

Among the ways to influence the debtor, collectors often frighten people to murder or causing serious harm, which may result in disabilities.

Such phrases like «I will make a disabled person», «you can not get out of the apartment» and others may be regarded as a direct threat to your life, and then it is necessary to record all the words that will be the basis for writing a statement to the police.

The extortion is a criminal offense, so you should not lose the mind, but it is necessary to act, calmly without leaving the provocations of employees of collector agencies.

Collector agencies, like any other legal entities, are subject to the laws of the Russian Federation, which means that they are fully responsible for the actions performed. And if such actions carry a threat to the life of the borrower are the cause of its anxiety and stress, the debtor may and should handle complaints with the higher authorities, such as FSSP, Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor’s Office, the police.