Why bailiffs write off children’s debts benefits?

The legislation of the country is prohibited by the write-off of children’s benefits from the debtor maps, only this does not stop the growth of complaining parents, whose bailiffs take children’s money.

What is this: system error or targeted debt repayment in any way? In our article we will tell why write off, and how to protect ourselves?

Baby benefits are payments to one of the parents from the budget of the region, laid on the child. They are monthly and one-time. The latter includes the payment for early registration for pregnant women, maternity benefits, allowance for the transfer of a child to the family, as well as by the birth of the baby.

To payments that are produced monthly include the benefit before reaching the child of 1.5 years, allowance for children of civilian citizens, allowance for children aged 1.5 to 3 years, from 3 to 7 years and from 8 to 17 years.

The transfer of funds is carried out at the expense or bank card of one of the parents, which appealed to the relevant authorities for making a benefit.

The law is clearly stipulated, which income can be written off by bailiffs in the account of debt repayment. Baby benefits are not included in this list, which makes them arrest illegal.

Previously, the money on the accounts of the parents was made by the impersonal, which did not pretend the opportunity to find out where exactly the funds were listed. Now it is easier with this, children’s benefits have been assigned a certain code for which it is immediately seen that these are cash, provided by the budget of the region to the child.

If the funds were transferred by the parent on a credit account or any other account or map, then this money no longer have the code of children’s manual, and the bailiffs can put arrest on them, so it is very important to protect children’s payments, by storing them at that expense, on which they did.

Another way to secure money is their removal and storage in cash.

If the write-off of children’s benefits, it happened, then first of all it is necessary to contact the contracting executor who imposed an arrest on the cash.

In order to prove that the money written off was children’s benefits to provide a certificate from the social protection authority, which will confirm your right to receive child payments, as well as an extract from the bank, in which the fact of enrollment of the benefit will be recorded, with its further write-offs.

The deadline for filing a complaint is 10 days, so if you refer to it later, it may be refused.

Despite the fact that the state is making measures to protect child benefits, cases with their write-off still continue to occur, so if such a situation happens to you somewhere, then it is necessary to respond to it as soon as possible and refer to the accompaniment.