Why can’t you go to Sberbank online?

Often the Sberbank mobile application users have an error during authorization. Such problems can be observed when attempting to log in to your personal account on the bank’s website.

The provision of services to customers remotely much facilitates the work of the Bank’s employees, and Sberbank’s customers can make almost any operation without leaving the house. Therefore, we have collected information that will solve the problem with access to the personal account.

Circumstances, because of which it is impossible to enter Sberbank online, can be the most different, ranging from problems with a PC or a telephone from the Bank’s customers, and ending with the technical problems of the service. Consider to start that you can personally check after an unsuccessful attempt to enter.

Malicious programs may cause unsuccessful attempts to enter the site. They are successfully implemented in the memory system areas when downloading files from dubious sites. You can not notice how you downloaded, in addition to the necessary document or program, viruses that have already begun to «work» inside your PC.

To cut off this reason from the list of possible, install a good antivirus program on your PC, which quickly recognizes the malicious program and deletes it from your device.

It happens that at some point the client decides to change the password to enter Sberbank online and soon forgets him. It is important to record new data so that then do not break your head.

You can change the password to another. To do this, go to the Bank’s website and click the Restore Password button. Further, you will find an instruction for changing the password.

If you are confident in the data, and Sberbank online tells you that the login and password are entered incorrectly, then check the keyboard layout. Perhaps you just confused the input language — instead of English Russian, or turned on the Caps Lock caps.

The quality of the connection affects the ability to enter your personal account. If the Internet is bad «loads», the speed is slow, or technical problems at the Internet provider, then it is necessary to eliminate these moments. For example, connect to another network or ask for acquaintances to distribute the Internet from their device.

If you can not enter the service from the phone, then check the need to update the application. Perhaps your application needs a «flashing», and then everything will work.

In addition to the login and password when entering your account, the service requests a password from the SMS message. This is an additional protection against fraudulent actions.

The reasons for which the message do not come to the phone are several:

If you do not have access to the phone number, or you are temporarily left without communication, lost the SIM card, you can use one-time passwords from an ATM.

Technical work on the site or in an application, errors and failures — the reasons why you cannot enter your personal account. Typically, the Bank notifies about the time when access to the site will be suspended, and when the work is resumed. So try to go to Sberbank online later.

If none of the reasons is suitable for your situation, then you should contact the Bank personally. Do not forget to take a passport to identify the personality by Sberbank employees. Or call the hotline by phone number 900, where the manager will try to solve your problem remotely.