Why do CASCO insurance so expensive and how can I reduce the cost of the policy?

When the owner of the car appears the choice of additional insurance with a large set of functions and capabilities — CASCO, then the cost of such insurance scares many.

Drivers are not ready to pay several tens of thousands for not necessarily in design. In today’s article, we will analyze ways to reduce the cost of CASCO.

Casco is an optional type of vehicle insurance. If the OSAGO is mandatory for everyone, then there is no casco.

CASCO provides for compensation for damage at any occasionality situation: and in the case of your guilt, as well as in a situation where another driver is guilty. This is an honorable difference, as it provides for a compensation for the damage to another driver caused by your fault.

Unlike OSAGO, CASCO does not have a compensation limit. It can be framed on any car model, and compensation for damage at an accident or in the case of a hijacking may amount to several million rubles.

It follows that the volume of risks at the design of the CASCO is more than the OSAGO. Since Casco covers all possible driver errors.

The cost of insurance is calculated after estimating the cost of the vehicle, but other factors affect the final sum:

It is not possible to influence what was described above, but for other factors affecting the cost of CASCO, will work out.

Then you will have only the possibility of compensation compensation.
Damage in case of an accident, and cost CASCO in such a situation will be much

Additional way to reduce the cost of CASCO can serve as a predetermined cost of damage, which will not be compensated by the insured — franchise. For example, you will independently pay the elimination of scratches, damage and other things that does not exceed the amount of 20,000 rubles.

If external defects do not deliver any inconvenience, then you can save them for a year, and then reproduced to reprieve it when the amount of the franchise will be less than the total cost of repair.