Why follow your credit history so important?

Many begin to think about credit reputation only when they receive a loan refusal. Also, the existence of the credit history of borrowers often recognize when issuing a loan.

We want to tell you how important it is to check KI to detect problems, such as fraudulent actions and bank errors.

Credit history or abbreviated

Credit history formation occurs due to the transfer of information by the Bank of the BKA, where a document is being formed, which is always available for you, as well as the credit and financial organizations to which you addressed the execution of the loan.

Even those who regularly pay a loan and does not allow overdue payments, it may encounter a situation where a negative entry appears in the credit history. In the future, when sending an application for a loan, the Bank may refuse to design, which will be justified by a bad credit history.

Even worse when when contacting the bank, the client learns that he has loans that he did not make out. Such a situation is not uncommon, in this case we are dealing with fraudsters who were able to get client data, and then use them in order to obtain funds.

Therefore, it is so important to check your credit history, at least 2 times a year, in addition, this service is provided free of charge.

Before sending a request to the BKA, you need to find out what information about you is stored.

You can find out the list of organizations on the state portal of services by the corresponding request. Next, follow the link to the BKA website and request your ki.

If incorrect data is detected, you should contact the Credit History Bureau. The organization will in this case begin checking on this issue and will decide within 30 days.

If the solution does not satisfy you, you can go to court with a written response, about the decision taken during the inspection.

The presence of a good credit history is the key to the approval of the loan, but if it is corrupted by at least one overdue payment, the lender will have doubts about your solvency, and if the history contains untruth information, it is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible.