Will Russians for loans for loans for?

Record indicators of the slaughter of Russians became a kind of symbols of the last two years. Russian departments repeatedly said that the debts of Russians, before credit institutions, reached the historical maximum.

In this case, several drivers are powered by this problem — financial institutions and departments.

Lenders, taking advantage of the poor situation of the economic situation, try to build credit portfolios to themselves, providing funds in a row to themselves.

The departments, including the Government of the Russian Federation, build their economic policy so that the Russians are immersed in poverty. Last year, due to restrictive measures, many citizens resorted to receive a loan, simply because they had nothing to feed the family.

Anti-crisis measures, as if aimed at helping citizens, immersed them in credit cable.

However, recently more and more, in the walls of the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly, calls to provide support to citizens, so that they get out of the debt pits, and, to implement it, it is assumed to be the most «humane» way — free to write off debts by conducting credit amnesty.

Credit amnesty is certainly good, but let’s be realistic. Financial institutions by providing credit funds to Russians make a profit. What organization will want to abandon profits, so also give their money? If they do their capital to cut in a matter of minutes. Another thing is a state that can allocate funds to repay the debts of citizens, but again, we are not talking about 100 thousand rubles, and the state has other goals where you can send funds.

Credit amnesty, with a greater probability, could take for a separate category of citizens, citizens with children who took loans in reality on the products and other means of essential.

But the question arises: how to identify this category?

In addition, during the pandemic, the state allocated a lot of funds to support families.

Not so long ago, the central bank and departments considered the issue of cancellation of interest on loans, which were obtained by citizens during restrictive measures. If everything is known with the decision on credit amnesty in advance, then the current offer has a good chance of adoption.

So still forgive Russians debts?

Our advice!