Will the loan rates decrease in 2021?

Last year, lending specialists suggested a decrease in interest rate on loans, as the pandemic made huge adjustments to the punishmentality of inconsistencies.

For many, the exit from the situation was bankruptcy, and someone is mired in legal proceedings due to the loss of the ability to pay loans.

Indeed, for enterprises in the midst of a pandemic, credit rates were reduced, which was a good help during the period of the crisis situation. This made it possible to reduce the cost of paying interest on loan agreements.

In relation to individuals, there is such a factor as a risky surcharge. And it would seem, as well as enterprises, ordinary citizens could get a percentage rate below. But, as we understand, the crisis situation causes banks to objectively assess the risks of unpaid loans by individuals, and pays an additional percentage.

So the average interest rate for enterprises and individuals differs almost 2 times.

If you remove comparisons, and generally assess the situation with the interest rate on the loan for citizens, then the indicator is almost unchanged throughout the debtime — 13.8%.

The first half of 2021 showed a good average interest rate on mortgage lending, due to the participation of the population in the programs of the preferential mortgage, as well as the use of the ability to obtain subsidies for mortgage agreements. So the interest rate was approximately 7.2% on average for the period from January to June of the current year.

The average size of the mortgage loan rate for new housing (new buildings) will vary between 6.2% and 6.8%, while on the secondary housing, the interest rate will be from 8.4% to 9%.

In conclusion, we want to say that the past year, as well as the currently issued very difficult for individuals and legal entities. The crisis, the cause of which the coronavirus pandemic was created, created small relaxation for citizens, including a decrease in the interest rate and creating advantageous lending conditions, which in turn increased the risks of creditors. It can be assumed that by the end of the year the solvency of the population stabilizes, banks will again increase credit rates a few percent, such as we see in the forecasts of specialists in the issue of mortgage lending.