Will there be an increase in rates on loans in the near future?

Many thoroughly think over the process of issuing a loan, pick up the time when they will be more comfortable to pay with the bank, make plans for this account, so it is important to know such borrowers to know what changes will occur with the interest rate in the near future.

Is it worth expecting her height? We learn in our material.

Interest rates on loans directly depend on the key rates of the Central Bank. Today we know that more recently the size of the key rate was increased to 6.75%, but the credit and financial institutions still offer their customers to issue a loan from 5.5% per annum.

Therefore, there is still an increase in inflation. Reducing the key rate will not be, but accordingly, a decrease in loans rates.

Back in March of the current year, the size of the key rate was 4.5%. And if last year we watched and raising, and a decline in the rate, then in the current year only growth occurs.

For example, in April of this year, the importance of the key rate reached 5%, and in June already 5.5%. Further more, and we see a sharp jump in the key rate up to 6.5% of July, and after all, just a month passed.

And on September 13, the Central Bank decides to raise a bet to 6.7%. I would like to note that this indicator is not a record, so in March 2018, the key rate was 7.25%.

As we see, the monetary policy of the central bank, aimed at reducing inflation, is not effective enough to achieve the desired goal, therefore the key rate is allowed, which will significantly affect interest rates on loans.

At the next meeting, which will be held on October 22, the issue of the next raising rate will be resolved. The final result will affect not only the current position in the financial and credit markets, but also the predicted inflation dynamics.

Experts note that by the end of this year we are waiting for changes in the mortgage lending market. In addition, a slight decrease in real estate costs are expected.

Already now you can observe how banks increase the bet on a loan for the purchase of housing to 8-8.6%.

Given the current dynamics of the development of interest rate on the loan, it can be assumed that the expectation of growth is quite justified. The last word remains behind the central bank, the solution of which we will be expected next month.