Withdraw a license from the bank — instruction for the borrower.

The Central Bank of Russia is the main regulator of banking activities in the country, which is endowed with the relevant authority to provide and revoke licenses.

After making an appropriate decision, the regulator appoints a temporary administration in the credit institution, which carries out work with existing borrowers of the bank.

To obtain the necessary information, you need to periodically visit the official website of the organization. The license is usually published on the main page of the site.

The review of the Bank’s license does not provide for the termination of the obligations of the borrower. To fulfill its obligations under the loan agreement will have to be in any case in full. Information on payment options and the corresponding details are also posted on the main page of the official website.

And despite the termination of the license, the official resources of financial institutions continue to work in the usual mode to inform borrowers.

Deposit Insurance Agency (QA)

On the official website of the ASV, you can also find detailed information on details. Often, the DCA indicates several variants of details at once, in order to minimize borrowers’ errors when paying.

For a convenient and fast repayment of debts to financial institutions that have been withdrawn by a license, the QA has developed a payment portal, which provides for payments at once in several ways:

To repay the debt, it is necessary to know only the lender bike, which can be found either in the loan agreement or on the bank’s website.

After the license is revoked at the financial institution, citizens make payment by debt in accordance with the details that are indicated by the Temporary Administration.

To render the rights of the credit claim at the liquidation stage, the Bank cannot, since the organization is removed from the assets management.

The Bank’s license review does not affect the execution of credit commitments by the borrower. In order to be aware of the case, periodically monitor the Bank’s website for the license. Even if it happened, you will provide all possible information on details and should not worry that you allow delay.

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